Why Hire an AMO

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Put your investments in hands you can trust. Hire an AMO Firm.


Professional Management Matters

Accredited Management Organization(AMO) are top class professional management companies that hold IREM’s corporate credential. Whether you’re an asset manager representing a large institutional portfolio, a condominium owner who’s part of a homeowners association, or anything in between, your property is a valuable and valued asset. When you entrust it to someone else to manage, you need absolute assurance that your best interests are being protected.

You need:

  • Boots on the ground, eyes on the property, and knowledge of the local market

    With management company offices spread throughout North America bearing the AMO accreditation, you can find an AMO office that will stay on top of your property when you can’t, providing local expertise and bringing true market insight.

  • Someone you can trust, who puts your interests first

    Professional management firms work on behalf of their clients, creating a level of confidence earned through experience and transparency. AMO Firms adhere to a Code of Professional Ethics, strictly enforced by IREM, so their integrity is beyond reproach.

  • A solid, stable company that’s thrived for years, with an unassailable reputation

    Business and financial stability is a requirement for AMO accreditation – all AMO Firms are subjected to a thorough financial review. What’s more, half of all AMO Firms have been in business for more than 25 years, and more than 80 percent for over a decade. You won’t find any fly-by-night management companies here.



An AMO Firm Delivers

Managers who follows best practices

Smart, ethical, professional management is the bedrock of real estate asset ownership and investment and can make a significant contribution to the bottom line. Accreditation as an AMO requires firms to comply with IREM’s best practices for providing real estate management services. IREM has been the unrivaled leader in setting the bar for management since 1933.

A management company with a strong and capable leader

AMO Firms are led by knowledgeable executives who hold the CPM designation and are rigorously trained to maximize value, minimize risk, and partner with you to achieve your investment goals

No surprises

AMO Firms know that communication is key, reporting regularly and keeping you informed of what is happening at your property and with your asset. You’ll never feel out of touch with your investments.


Connect with an AMO Firm today to begin optimizing your property, portfolio, or investments. Because a property management firm without the AMO accreditation is like a Class A building without any tenants.

Property types managed:

  • Conventional apartments
  • Condominiums/Co-Ops/HOAs
  • Industrial/Warehouse
  • Federally assisted housing
  • Hotels and motels
  • Land parcel
  • Medical buildings
  • Military housing
  • Mixed use
  • Mobile home parks
  • Office buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Retail and shopping centers
  • Self-storage
  • Senior housing
  • Single-family housing
  • Student housing
  • Public housing

And inquire about specialty services like appraisal, brokerage, and construction services.




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