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ACoM Certification Exam (CMLEXM)
CMLEXM - ACoM Certification Exam (CMLEXM) - Successful completion of this exam is the final step to earning your ACoM certification.

ARM Certification Exam (ARMEXM)
ARM Certification Exam (ARMEXM) - The successful completion of this exam is the final step to earning your ARM certification.

ARM Track (ETH800 CID201 ARMEXM)
ARMTRK - The ARM Certification is regarded as the most recognized credential for residential real estate managers, and the ARM Track experience will get you one step closer to earning it.

Asset Analysis of Investment Real Estate (ASM605)
ASM605 - Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation - Part Three (ASM605) - This course features in depth discussion and hands-on application of concepts used to perform multiple cash flow analyses.

Asset Analysis Track (ASM603, ASM604, ASM605) - ASMTRK
ASMTRK - Asset Analysis track is comprised of skill-based courses that, when taken in sequence, progressively build your knowledge of financing and valuation of real estate assets. You’ll work hands-on to explore various models of financial analysis in three applications-based courses designed to help you capitalize on your real estate assets.

Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Reporting for Investment Real Estate (FIN402)
FIN402 - Investment Real Estate: Financial Tools (FIN402) - This course addresses the core issues that impact fiscal planning, giving you the ability to calculate important financial components and take control of your property’s financial outlook.

Community Association Management
COM201 - Common Interest Developments: Managing Condominium Association Properties: For IL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MANAGERS AND CAM EXAM (CID201CAM)

Community Association Management Exam - COMEXM
COMEXM - Starting in 2012 in Illinois, a license is required if you are an individual who administers for remuneration the financial, administrative, maintenance, or other duties for the community association. The State of IL Department of Financial and Professional Regulation recognizes IREM’s community association management course for the education and the exam requirement.

CPM Capstone
CAPTRK - CPM Capstone - Quickly and efficiently complete the final steps needed to earn your CPM designation by enrolling in the CPM Capstone Track. This track is designed for CPM Candidates who need to complete the management plan requirement and the CPM Certification Exam requirement.

CPM Certification Exam (CPMEXM)
CPMEXM - CPM Certification Exam (CPMEXM) - CPM Certification Exam tests all that you have learned through your education and experience in real estate management and ensures the integrity of the CPM designation. If you have completed the CPM education requirement, you are ready to take the CPM Certification Exam.

Ethics for the Real Estate Manager (ETH800)
ETH800 - Ethics for the Real Estate Manager (ETH800) - Addressing ethical dilemmas commonly faced by today’s real estate managers, this media-based course teaches strategies for resolving ethical dilemmas and adherence to the IREM Code of Professional Ethics, culminating in an exam to earn IREM credentialing credit.

Fair Housing and Beyond (FHS201)
FHS201 - Fair Housing and Beyond (FHS201) - “Fair Housing and Beyond” is offered jointly by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI). This exciting 4-hour seminar •Uses video-delivered scenarios to demonstrate how real-life situations require critical thinking and prudent decision making, shows the serious consequences of incorrect responses and provides coaching on how to avoid costly mistakes and •Delivers relevant knowledge of fair housing essentials

Financing and Loan Analysis for Investment Real Estate (ASM603)
ASM603 - Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation - Part One (ASM603) - This course will help your learn Economics of real estate investment, Sources of financing, Loan analysis and calculation, appraisal methods, capitalization rates etc.,

Introduction to Property Management
IREM01 - Introduction to Property Management is a 3-hour, interactive online course that provides an in-depth overview of property management. The course is appropriate for new employees, existing property staff, career changers, students, and anyone interested in a career in real estate management.

Leading a Successful Property Management Company (BDM603)
During this online interactive course, you will conduct analyses of your company and team to determine where gaps may exist in your overall strategic plan, talent strategy, leader development, business growth opportunities, and ethical, customer-centric business practices.

Leading a Winning Property Management Team-HRS402
HRS402 - Leadership and Human Resource Essentials (HRS402) - Learn how to successfully face the challenges of hiring, leading, managing, and evaluating your staff and discover how to operate a seamless human resources function.

Management Plan Independent (MPLIND)
MPLIND - Management Plan Individual Option (MPIND) - As part of the IREM credentialing process, individuals who intend to become a CPM must complete the management plan requirement.

Management Plan Skills Assessment (MPSAXM)
MPSAXM - Management Plan Skills Assessment (MPSAXM) - Management Plan Skills Assessment meets the management plan requirement for the CPM designation and is designed to assess your knowledge of the concepts, technical skills, and processes involved in preparing, analyzing, and completing a property management plan following IREM standards

Managing Commercial Properties CML201
This is your comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution to understanding and implementing the essentials of commercial property management.

Managing Condominium and Homeowners Associations (CID201)
CID201 - Common Interest Developments: Managing Condominium Association Properties (CID201) - This course focuses specifically on the unique and complex challenges of managing in the common interest developments (CID) market, one of the fastest growing segments in real estate management today.

Managing Maintenance Operations and Property Risk (MNT402)
MNT402 - Get ready to exceed your client’s expectations. Once you’ve finished this course, you’ll have what it takes to create and oversee quality, proactive maintenance operations that will minimize unexpected expenses and reduce risk. Register today

Managing People & Marketing/Office Track (MKL406, HRS402) - OFFTRK
OFFTRK - Property Operations I, the first of a two-part series, addresses essential human resources and marketing and leasing concepts that will help your properties thrive in today’s competitive real estate market.

Managing Residential Properties (RES201)
RES201 - Managing Residential Properties (RES201) - Immerse yourself in this comprehensive course covering residential site management from A to Z.

Managing Single Family Homes and Small Investment Properties (SFH201)
SFH201 - Managing Single Family Homes and Small Investment Properties (SFH201)

Marketing and Leasing Strategies for Multifamily Properties (MKL405)
MKL405 - Get the most bang for your buck. Complete this course to learn how to position your rental property to succeed in your market. Discover what’s unique about marketing multifamily properties, learn what it takes maximize the value of the property, meet owner’s goals, and more effectively attract and retain tenants.

Marketing and Leasing Strategies for Office Buildings (MKL406)
Apply principles to practice by working with real-world scenarios designed to teach you the major aspects of market analysis, effective marketing practices, and successful lease negotiations for your office space.

Marketing and Leasing Strategies for Retail Properties-MKL404
MKL404 - Learn effective marketing and leasing tactics specific to retail properties that will help you achieve the right balance of retailers, increase retail traffic and generate greater sales per square foot.

Performance and Valuation of Investment Real Estate (ASM604)
ASM604 - Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation - Part Two (ASM604) - Learn how to determine the performance of real estate assets using a variety of measurement tools and approaches. You will learn the time value of money, Discounted cash flow, valuation and leases, mid stream analysis

Real Estate Management Ethics Online (ETH001)
ETH001 - This online, media-based course provides tools for making the right decision when faced with an ethical dilemma. The IREM Code of Professional Ethics is covered in depth to ensure real estate management professionals are held to the highest ethical standards.

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