2019 IREM REME Winner

REME Awards

Corporate and Social Responsibility
Southwest Clinical Center
Brasilia, Brazil

Southwest Clinical Center of Brasilia, Brazil, has achieved excellence in employing sustainable development practices during the renovation of the main lobby, ceiling and rooftop. During construction, more than 7 tons of steel were removed and sent for recycling. Craftsmen from Brasilia repurposed the ceiling’s textile covering into reusable shopping bags in the Center’s logo colors. And, new lighting was installed, which can be adapted to promote global events such as pink for breast cancer awareness in October, or yellow for traffic safety in May.

The structure’s unique design provides better protection from the elements, more natural light, and improved air circulation – a feature important to patients with respiratory issues. Since completion, the Center has been recognized for creating a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and attractive structure.

REME Awards

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