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Management Plan Independent (MPLIND) meets the management plan requirement for the CPM. It is one of two options for meeting the requirement. Most students enroll in the Capstone Track. Both options are designed to assess your knowledge of the concepts, technical skills, and processes involved in preparing, analyzing, and completing a property management plan following IREM standards.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that you complete the CPM education requirements before completing the management plan requirement. Also, you must register for the Management Plan Independent (MPLIND) before completing and submitting a management plan written for an actual property of your own choosing.

Upon registration, you will receive access to the online Writing a Management Plan Tutorial which includes detailed requirements and best practices for writing your plan. To increase your opportunity for success in writing your plan, it is strongly recommended that you complete this tutorial.

Management Plan Independent

You should email your completed plan to: IREM MPSA.

A submitted management plan needs to be one cohesive file. Any appendices should be included as such so that one file is presented to the grader for grading. The management plan must be submitted within one year from the date of registration. Please note, we no longer accept management plans sent via mail.

The Management Plan Independent is completed independently on one of your own properties that meets the following minimum property type and size requirements:

  • Apartments, rental mobile homes, hotels, and motels At least 50 units
  • Single-family homes At least 35 units
  • Office buildings At least 40,000 square feet of net rentable space
  • Retail/commercial buildings At least 40,000 square feet of net rentable space
  • Industrial Properties At least 50,000 square feet of net rentable space
  • Mobile home parks At least 170 pads

Additional resources to help you prepare and gain insight, access resources, and ask questions regarding your Management Plan Independent:

Management Plan – Key Information

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