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Income/Expense Analysis: Conventional Apartments Online Lab (2019)

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Take your operating data comparisons to the next level. Get unlimited access to over 20 years of data with 100 customizable line-item variables – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Create personalized reports at the click of a mouse by downloading 20 years of data and comparing it to the data in your portfolio.
  • Refine operating strategies by benchmarking your data with over 100 instantly-customizable line-item variables.
  • Make at-a-glance data comparisons by property type, year, line-item, and/or location.
  • Build and tweak budgets throughout the year with unlimited access to income and expense data.
  • Confidently relay precise metrics and trending data to owners, investors and tenants.

To get your property to perform at its peak, you need to know where you stand – how your operating expenses compare with those of your competition and within your market.

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Income/Expense Analysis Reports give you the tools you need to plan, budget and forecast – and to stay one step ahead of your competition.

On-line labs also includes the interactive PDF with embedded Excel files.

This comprehensive, fully updated study contains detailed analysis of financial operations for multi-family properties across the United States. Summarized by building type, the income and expense data for each sample is presented in dollars per square foot of rentable area and as percentage of gross possible income.

  • Data from over 4,200 multi-family properties
  • Analysis of more than 120 metropolitan markets
  • Presented in dollars per square foot of rentable area
  • Percentage of gross possible income
  • Dollars per unit
  • Summarized by building type
  • Statistical breakdowns by age, size, and range
  • Analysis of vacancy rates and turnover trends
  • A variety of historical trend reports
  • Reports on Section 42 properties
  • Concessions

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