IREM® Learning app

Learn on the go with the IREM Learning app

We know life can get pretty busy at times, especially in the real estate management profession. When it comes to work, life, and learning, it can be hard to balance your time, especially when working toward expanding your knowledge. That’s why we created the IREM Learning app. Get the courses, assignments, and exams you need to get done on time and on the go simply by using your phone or tablet.

Features to note:

  • Download course content to complete it offline  
  • Access past, in progress, and future course materials including student workbooks
  • Access your course exams and evaluations
  • Link to your transcript and certificates of completion
  • Access webinar links for on-the-go viewing
  • Utilize discussion forums to interact with your peers and the instructor
  • Receive notifications for your upcoming courses directly to your device

To download, search “IREM Learning” in your Apple or Google Play app store.

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