Membership and Education Outside the U.S.

No matter where property managers are located, IREM membership can help create opportunities, secure a professional advantage, and develop successful strategies in today's competitive real estate market.

Individuals from Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, or Ukraine, have  the added option to take courses and apply for membership through one of IREM’s  international partnerships.  Click on the  above country link to locate an IREM representative.

Property managers from  anywhere else have the option to apply for membership and complete the  education for their chosen designation through IREM’s distance learning program: Self-Paced Online.

IREM offers the following membership types for international real estate management professionals:

cpm_logo.gif Certified Property Manager (CPM) Membership
Renowned as the most prestigious credential for real estate management professionals, the CPM designation helps property managers of all types move forward in their careers. For more information and an application, visit the International CPM guide.


Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) Membership
Residential site managers receive increased recognition in the marketplace by earning the ARM certification, one of the most respected credentials for this area of expertise. For more information and to apply, visit the International ARM guide.

Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM) Membership
The ACoM certification is awarded to those who meet the standards set by IREM for commercial property management professionals. For more information and to apply, visit the International ACoM guide.


Accredited Management Organization (AMO) Membership
The AMO accreditation recognizes excellence among real estate management firms. For more information and to apply, visit the International AMO guide. International AMO guide.

Student Membership
IREM membership introduces university students to the property management profession and helps them acquire the connections necessary to get ready for their careers. Learn more about student membership.

Academic Membership
IREM provides resources and support to members who teach in a college or university setting Learn more about Academic membership.