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In conjunction with IREM’s Back to School sale, become an Associate Member for just $55!

This fee is non-refundable. Upon approval, no other dues or fees are owed for through 12/31/2019.

Pursuing the CPM designation? Associate membership will save you money on dues and courses. And when you are ready, apply for CPM Candidate membership – one year of CPM Candidate membership is required to become a CPM. Associate membership and CPM Candidate membership are mutually exclusive – please do not apply for both.

Associate membership is available to U.S. applicants only. Vendors, suppliers and service providers to the real estate management industry are not eligible for membership, but we welcome you to learn more about advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Download a Fill-in PDF of the Associate Member Application

* Required Fields
* Are you currently a vendor/service provider to the real estate industry?
* Salutation
*First Name
Middle Name
*Last Name
Company Name
*Zip Code
*Primary Phone
Mobile Phone
Date of Birth
* Have you taken any IREM courses?
If you answered YES to the previous question, did you take any IREM courses under a different name?
If yes, what name did you use?
*Were you previously a member of IREM?
IREM ID number
Were you referred by an IREM Member?
If yes, who
IREM Chapter Affiliation
As a Associate Member, you will be required to affiliate with an IREM Chapter, provided that you work or reside within a chapter's jurisdiction. If you have a preference as to which chapter you would like to affiliate with, please indicate the chapter number below. If no preference is given, you will be assigned to a chapter based on your mailing address.
* Do you currently manage property?
If yes, types of property?
* Company Name
* Position in Company
* Type of Company
* Briefly describe your current position
* Why do you want to join IREM?
* Are you currently a college student or otherwise pursuing a career in real estate management?
* Are you also pursuing an IREM credential? (check all that apply)

To be approved as an Associate Member, you must be of good moral character and unquestionable integrity, and demonstrate sincerity of purpose. If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions below, provide an explanation that includes:

The date of the incident/issue with all relevant facts; date of resolution including any legal action, discipline, and/or settlement, or, if not resolved, an explanation of the status; any mitigating factors; any additional relevant information that helps in understanding the totality of the situation.

* Have you been convicted of a crime?
If yes, provide the information noted above
* Are you currently a defendant in any pending criminal proceeding?
If yes, provide the information noted above
* Are you currently a respondent in or have you ever been found guilty of a civil, regulatory, or administrative proceeding involving fraud, misrepresentation, or misappropriation of funds or property?
If yes, provide the information noted above
* Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action by IREM, a member board of NAR, any other professional organization, or a licensing body?
If yes, provide the information noted above
* Have you as a real estate professional, or any real estate property management firm you are or were a principal in, been involved in a business bankruptcy?
If yes, provide the information noted above
* Have you, or a firm you were a principal in, to your knowledge, ever been involved as defendant or respondent in an action involving alleged fraud, misrepresentation, or misappropriation of funds or property?
If yes, provide the information noted above

Please read these rules and regulations before submitting this Associate Membership Application.

In connection with the Institute of Real Estate Management considering this application, I agree that:

A. All of the information provided by me is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If I made or at any time make any statement with knowledge of its falsity, I understand that it shall be cause for denial of membership in the Institute. I further agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the IREM Ethics Committee in the event that allegations of unethical or improper conduct arise during the pendency of this application.

B. All additional information that may be needed by IREM shall be supplied by me upon request.

C. I shall conduct my property management activities in accordance with the IREM Code of Professional Ethics and shall also be bound by the bylaws and policies of the Institute as they are now or as they may be amended from time to time subsequent to this application and the decisions of any Institute committee and the Governing Council affecting my membership in the Institute.

D. I agree that the Institute may censure, suspend, expel, or otherwise terminate this membership, if granted, in accordance with the Institute’s bylaws, policies, and item A above, and that the Institute, its officers, members, employees, and agents may disclose its actions, in full or part, to the members of the Institute and the general public.

E. I shall pay annual dues and fees as set by the Institute.

F. I, for and on behalf of myself, and my heirs, assigns, administrators, and each of them waive and forever release all claims and demands, or causes of action and each of them, that I or they may have now or may in the future have against the Institute, its members, its officers, councilors, employees, chapters, or others who may supply information or material to the Institute, and each of them, for any act or omission of the Institute, its members, its officers, councilors, employees, chapters, or any others and each of them including but not in any way limited to its or their acts or omissions in granting membership in the Institute, failing to grant membership, or in censuring, suspending, expelling, or terminating such a membership.

G. The local IREM Chapter (or, if there is none, the regional vice president or other designated representative) shall be requested to verify all information herein provided

H. Upon acceptance as an IREM Member, portions of my annual dues (in the amount of the current subscription rates) will be allocated for a subscription to the Journal of Property Management, (JPM).

I. I hereby confirm that I am not a vendor, supplier, or service provider to the real estate industry.

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