Student Member Application


For U.S. Applicants

  • Applicants must be full-time college or university students who are not otherwise employed in the real estate industry.
  • U.S. applicants can apply online or download a fill-in PDF of the Student Member Application

If you have questions, please contact IREM at 800-837-0706, ext. 4650 or e-mail to


Vendors, suppliers and service providers to the real estate management industry are not eligible for membership. We welcome you to learn more about advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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Provide the following information so that we can confirm your student status. Applicants must be full-time college or university students.
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(To qualify for IREM Student Membership, it is required that you are a full-time student. )
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* In submitting this application for IREM Student Membership
Your Student Member dues are $50. Your membership will extend for 12 months or until your date of graduation, whichever is longer.
Once your Student Membership expires, you will be converted into an Associate Member. Your Associate Membership will continue until December 31st of the year following your Student Membership expiration date.
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