Moods Matter in the Workplace: EQ Over IQ

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There has been considerable evidence in recent years that a leader’s Emotional Intelligence “EQ” has a high correlation to the rate at which one advances in his or her career.  The development of your personal EQ yields strong leadership skills.

Great leaders are aware of their own leadership style and how their style influences their team.  Truly great leaders identify, understand and not only manage their own emotions, but are able to do that with others in a very empowering way. Using emotional intelligence as a “secret weapon” to leading in a way that brings out the best in others increases employee engagement, decreases absenteeism and creates a safer and more harmonious work environment.  Who couldn’t benefit from more joy in the workplace?

After completing this one-hour course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the five skills that are the foundation of EQ
  • Improve your personal effectiveness through heightened self-awareness
  • Practice pro-active mental framing that strengthens your mental muscle
  • Identify triggers that are deadly distractions from success
  • Establish a plan for 2019 that expands your leadership capacity

This one-hour course provides you with an emotional intelligence pre-assessment; the results of your assessment serve as a baseline on which to build upon with the knowledge gained from this session. 

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