IREM Ethics Applied: Maintenance Operations

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In this course, IREM Instructor and expert witness, Jeff Lapin, CPM®, shares his unique perspective on why good maintenance procedures at our properties are not only good management but also good ethics. Jeff provides attorneys with his expert opinion on landlord and property management standards of care for commercial and residential properties. This perspective has allowed him to speak authoritatively about what it takes for property owners and managers to meet and even exceed the reasonable standards of care by conducting proper inspections and developing effective maintenance policies and procedures, thereby avoiding injuries at their properties. Establishing these guidelines also allows property managers to live up to the high ethical standards that IREM® sets forth in its Code of Professional Ethics.

Learning objectives:

  • Recall the correct inspection, repair and maintenance policies and procedures that are most likely to result in a lower potential for injuries to tenants and visitors at our properties
  • Learn to describe how to conduct a proper inspection
  • Learn how to document the results of such inspections
  • Review the best way to prevent injuries, thereby acting in a reasonable and ethical manner

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