The Real Estate Asset Manager`s Role in Leading a Team & Promoting Operational Efficiency

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It is impossible for a real estate asset manager to be successful in his or her role without the involvement of others. Interpersonal skills are often as important as financial acumen in enhancing the value of a property. Once properties are acquired and business plans are in place, asset managers often oversee or lead interdisciplinary teams charged with accomplishing strategic goals on the ground.

In this one-hour course, Dr. Dustin Read, PhD/JD at Virginia Tech, reveals the most recent research findings from IREM's seminal research project that explore the roles, responsibilities, and requirements of real estate asset managers. This analysis begins with a discussion of the factors influencing the scope of asset managers’ leadership roles before turning to the ways in which these professionals streamline operations in their portfolios. Learn how asset managers collaborate with property managers to make data-driven decisions, exploit economies of scale, and implement sustainability initiatives expected to yield operational efficiencies.

Topics include:

  • Coordinating the work of asset management and property management professionals
  • Property assignment decisions and asset manager-property manager relations
  • Practical considerations for real estate investment management firms
  • Recommendations for those who work with, or aspire to be, asset managers

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