Financial Concepts and Calculations: The Time Value of Money

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This application-heavy one-hour course will explore in depth the concept of the time value of money and its importance in real estate financial analysis. Utilizing a financial calculator, real estate expert Eric Storey, CPM, CCIM, will:

  • Define compounding and discounting
  • Determine opportunity cost
  • Calculate the present value of a future income stream
  • Calculate the future value of a series of payments

Eric will demonstrate keystrokes using the HP 10bII+ calculator. Feel free to follow along on your calculator or a comparable app available on your smartphone or tablet.

Eric Storey CPM, CCIM is a Senior Vice President of Corporate Real Estate for Zions Bank in SLC, Utah. Eric is an IREM instructor for the Asset Track and Finance 402. Eric is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Certified General Appraiser in Utah.

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