CAM Reconciliation Part I: Introduction to the Process

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In this introductory course, CAM (common area maintenance) expert Jeffrey Lapin, CPM®, will explain in layman’s terms how this process works, the basic steps involved in setting up the model to calculate each tenant’s share, and why this process is not scary if you simply break it down into a series of logical steps.

This will be an introduction to the theory and process of reconciling commercial tenants' common area maintenance charges. For those new to the process or who just need a refresher on the how, why and when of this process, this course is for you. Almost all commercial leases (especially office and retail leases) have provisions allowing the landlord to pass through to the tenants, a share of property operating expenses including taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insight of the theory and process of operating expense pass through to tenants.
  • Understand the language in leases that pertains to the landlord’s right to charge and the tenant’s obligation to pay a share of property operating expenses including the base year/comparison year concept for office tenants.

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