CAM Reconciliation Part II: The Process Deconstructed

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Course Description

The second installment in the three-part CAM series of courses will take you through the actual, step-by-step process of analyzing operating expenses, determining which ones are to be included in CAM, and establishing each tenant’s share.

Instructor Jeffrey Lapin, CPM®, a veteran of this process for over 35 years, will take attendees step-by-step through this process and make sense of it all.

Learning objectives:

  • Build on the basic understanding of theory and terminology learned in Part I
  • Follow step-by-step as Jeff takes attendees through the entire process of CAM reconciliation from invoice coding and general ledger review to producing the tenant invoices for their share of CAM.
  • Learn which expenses are and which expenses are not usually included as operating expenses for CAM purposes.
  • Understand the process of establishing cost pools for a property and how the cost pools translate to the CAM reconciliation process.

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