The Rise of Hospitality Level Service in the Commercial Office Environment

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Hospitality and concierge level service are frequent topics in the Commercial Real Estate sector these days.  What does that mean for the more traditional Property Management office?  How can your team provide these higher touch-point services while still getting the rest of their work done?  In this one-hour course, Jessica L. Warrior, CPM®, RPA, discusses industry trends and solutions that will guide you and your team into the future of Property Management.

Learning Objectives
1. What does "hospitality" mean in relation to the Commercial Office environment?  How are concierge services evolving to serve today’s tenant?
2. How can your Property Management team balance this high-touch point service with the task work that must still be completed?
3. What does the future of Property Management look like and what can you do to lead your team effectively toward that future state?

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