If Not Now, When? Focusing on the Big Rocks

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There’s no shortage of things to accomplish, especially as COVID-19 has increased the complexity of our lives in general.  You may be familiar with the rocks, pebbles and sand story.  As we struggle to prioritize and figure out what we should focus on, I encourage everyone to identify the “big rocks” first!  Those non-negotiables that must be managed in order for us to function at a higher level.

This action-packed presentation is aimed at helping attendees find more margin in life and focus on the people and projects that spark more joy! 

Learning objectives:

  • Develop strategies for creating micro habits that form routines and rituals.
  • Review seven attitudes of mindfulness that restore your sanity.
  • Identify ways to create more margin and find greater meaning.
  • Create a 3x3 plan for goal attainment - manage & measure!

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