Model, Mentor & Multiply: Finding Meaning in Talent Development

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In the war for talent, there is no sweeter taste for success than the results that come from an effective mentoring program. Mentoring is often dismissed as the softer side of talent development. However, Harvard Business Review reveals in a survey of 1,250 executives that those who received mentoring reported higher income, a quicker path to achievement and more job satisfaction than those who did not. The literature particularly emphasizes the necessity of mentoring for businesswomen’s success.

Mentoring takes on a variety of forms and is not to be confused with coaching. Coaching is usually task and performance focused while mentoring is aimed at building capacity over a longer term where strong bonds are often forged.  A successful mentor is committed to the mentee’s career development and can also experience mutual benefits that are commonly referred to as reverse mentoring. A well-defined talent development platform offers opportunities for employees to experience successful role models, gain wisdom from mentors and scale the enterprise through formal and informal processes.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Defining the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Establishing a framework for effective mentorship
  • Creating role descriptions for mentors and mentees
  • Adding mentoring into the mix for talent development

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