How to Sell Commercial Buildings Using the Multiple Offer Formula

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Building sales make the headlines, but what does it really take to make a deal? Go behind the scenes to learn how commercial buildings get sold and what listing buildings really means. This program will take you behind the scenes to learn what it really means to sell commercial buildings successfully (and its NOT just listing a property in an MLS!). This engaging program will show you a proven system that produces multiple offers and is especially relevant in challenging times!

Learning objectives:


  • Discover the counter intuitive realities behind commercial sales
  • Gain top tips in how to draw prospects to your building with Power Positioning
  • Learn the power of focus with the Best Buyer Blueprint to understand and appeal to the prospects most likely to buy (or lease!)
  • How to use Customer Targeting to build a market for your building and maximize offers
  • Learn perspectives investors take when evaluating buildings to buy

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