Legalized Marijuana & Commercial Real Estate: What You Need to Know

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Medical and recreational marijuana legalization has exploded throughout the country.  In 2016, sales of legal marijuana in North America were nearly $7 billion dollars and, by 2021, are expected to exceed $20 billion.  In states that have opted for legalization, the marijuana industry has had both positive and negative impacts on the real estate market. Marijuana industry participants, hungry for commercial real estate to grow, distribute and manufacture their products, are leasing and buying real estate at very aggressive rate and reshaping markets. Alternatively, the conflict with federal drug law and velocity of the emerging market has created uncertainty for commercial real estate owners and managers.

In this one-hour course, Scott Perterson, General Counsel of the Colorado Association of Realtors, and Steve Pelikant, CPM®, help you to develop an understanding of the pitfalls and other important considerations for property owners and managers as the marijuana industry “grows.”

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