Starting a Property Management Company: The Paperwork

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There are days in every Property Manager’s life when it seems like we fill out form after form after form, and depending on our employer, sometimes, there are forms for the forms! There is usually a folder out on a server, easily accessible by all employees in all departments, which has more forms than anyone could ever want/need! From checklists, to PTO requests, to budget templates, to contracts, to employee manuals, the list goes on and on. As an employee, working in someone else’s company, it may seem like there is an endless supply of forms, many of which seem unnecessary. However, have you ever considered where those forms come from? Or why they were put in place to begin with? Newsflash … as a business owner, when you start your own management company, that folder out on the server is empty and you must create those forms.

In this program we will discuss:

  • Why forms exist
  • Which forms you should have before you launch
  • Which forms can be added/created after you launch
  • What should be in/on the forms
  • Checking/Updating the forms regularly for legal compliance

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