Community Association Management: Governance - Conducting Successful Meetings

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Common Interest Developments include Condominiums, Homeowner Association, Cooperatives and Planned Unit Developments.  Whether a small Association of 10 Units or a large Association consisting of thousands of units, all Associations are required to conduct regular open meetings where all of the owners in an Association have the opportunity to watch their elected officials, ie: the Board, conduct business.

The Property Manager often has the responsibility of preparing the agenda and attachments which will define the order of the meeting and the topics discussed.  The preparation of this material is critical to the success of the meeting.  Board meetings are run similar to Township meetings with a few differences.  If planning and execution are handled well, no Board meeting should be more than two hours in length.

This course will discuss best practices for planning for the meeting, conducting the meeting and keeping the meeting to two hours.  The learning objectives are:

1. Who sets the agenda and runs the meeting?
2. What items are appropriate for an open session Board meeting?
3. Does the meeting really need to follow Roberts Rules of Order?
4. How much is too much on the meeting agenda?
5. What are the roles of each Board member/officer during the meeting?

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