Pro-Tips: Spring Landscaping Essentials to Enhance Your Community and Your Brand

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It’s no secret that a well-designed, well maintained landscape strengthens the image of your business and brand; and conversely, poorly maintained landscapes actually hurt your business and your reputation. Professional landscapes go far beyond beauty. They are good for the environment, they can actually strengthen the health and well-being of those who work there, and they are proven to increase financial revenue for business. As spring approaches, it’s important to focus attention on some of the season’s most important landscape enhancements including effective irrigation, weed management, seasonal flowers, maintenance tasks including dormant pruning and the edging/mulching process. This course, led by recognized landscape contractors who are members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, will offer insight into these important spring landscape management essentials and address how to maximize the relationship with your landscape professional.

Participants will learn:

  • The components of an irrigation system including how they function, why they fail, common trouble shooting tips, and emergency protocols
  • The importance of critical spring maintenance tasks and why they are essential to enhancing the health and longevity of investments in landscapes
  • Ways to maximize relationships for effective partnerships between property managers and landscape contractors

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