Cybersecurity for Property Management & Real Estate (Skills On-Demand)

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Course Description

Why would a criminal rob a bank when they can steal far more from the ease of sitting behind a computer? Beyond money, the sensitive personal information of employees, clients, customers, patients, and others. is attractive to the cyberthief. Additionally, working remotely the way real estate professionals do and the use of mobile devices have provided cybercriminals with new ways to disrupt business and steal what is yours. Every year millions become victims because they did not know how to protect themselves from cyber threats. By reviewing examples of actual FBI cases, you’ll discover the ways your business is vulnerable to a cyberattack, the threats inherent with working remotely, and how you can protect yourself and your business from becoming a victim.  

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the cyber vulnerabilities
  • Learn how to avoid becoming a victim
  • Know what to do if a cybercriminal attacks

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