Active Shooter Events: The Cost and How to Mitigate Loss Through Preparation

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What do you do if you find yourself in an active shooter situation? Unfortunately, active aggressor and other workplace/domestic violence incidents are prevalent. This course will help real estate managers and their staff address risks associated with these incidents to increase tenant and resident safety, minimize business productivity loss, and curb financial impacts. Be prepared and know how to identify signs of potential violence, what to expect if it takes place, and what steps to take in the aftermath.

Topics include:

  • History of workplace violence
  • Types and definitions of workplace violence
  • Impacts on lives, business productivity, and dollars
  • Why this is important to real estate managers
  • Response methods used by authorities
  • Increased preparedness regulations
  • Developing a preparedness plan
  • Gaining buy-in from ownership and staff
  • Obtaining funding for efforts

Learning Objectives:

  • The financial impact of a death in the workplace
  • OSHA code 5(a)(1) and how you’re legally obligated to prepare for these events
  • Key elements to implement that will help your location become a hardened target.

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