Fair Housing: Assistance Animals - Tools for Evaluating Requests

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Should the answer always be “yes” when an applicant asks for an assistance/emotional support animal? What are employees/agents allowed to ask? What additional information is permissible? What about if you think the animal may be a danger to the community? Participants will learn based on firsthand experience what a reasonable request looks-like and how to evaluate these requests, the difference between ADA and Fair Housing animal regulations, current trends in accommodation requests, as well as some general tips on how to best handle requests submitted with letters from online therapists. These experts help process more than 1,000 applicant/resident requests annually and provide training to dozens of properties and campuses each year. They will share their experiences in the world of assistance animal requests and Fair Housing compliance.

This one-hour course will allow participants to answer the following questions:

  • What is a reasonable request and why conforming to guidelines is so important?
  • When confirmation is needed and how to ask?
  • What is adequate confirmation and who can provide that?
  • When is it acceptable to deny accommodation requests for residents who claim to need assistance animals?
  • How to best handle requests for potentially dangerous animals?
  • What’s the role of forms for documenting requests and how can they be best utilized?

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