7 Steps to EV Charging

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Property owners and managers are being asked about the availability of EV charging stations on their properties.  Given the complexity of a new technology, and emerging business and operational models what decision makers need is a simple action plan that streamlines the information required to make a decision about how to deploy charging stations.

In this one-hour course, John Kalb, Founder of EV Charging Pros, details 7 simple steps that lead to a decision about EV charging. Mr. Kalb explains what information is required, how to asses that information, and formulate a plan for any property. In addition, he reviews industry trends, business models, and case studies.

Specifically, the course focuses on:

  • Reviewing a snapshot of the electric vehicle and charging market trends, including initiatives by market participants that are driving the market.
  • Knowing the 7 Steps required to assess, evaluate, and formulate an EV Charging Plan
  • Understanding the different models for setting fees and transaction models between the driver, the charger vendor, and building hosts.
  • Understanding site selection considerations, including requirements for accessible charging stations.

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