Future Technologies: A Glimpse of What is Coming

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The real estate industry is already going through major transformation with innovations changing the industry at an incredible pace. New technologies coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic have meant we have seen unprecedented adoption of the latest technologies in 2020, with numerous new advancements set to hit the market in the coming years. The question now is what are these new technologies; what will the biggest trends be, and who will be the biggest disruptors to the industry over the next several years?

In this course, James Scott, Lead Researcher at MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab will provide an outline of all new technologies that have the potential to create the greatest impact across the real estate industry in the future. From advances in AI and Machine Learning to Natural Language Processing, Voice Recognition and Robotics, this course will aim to give the audience a glimpse as to what might be possible and what companies might be the main players in providing these advancements.

During this course, you will:

  • Get insight into what future technologies are coming
  • Gain an understanding as to what technology has the greatest potential to make the biggest change in the industry
  • Have the ability to know what is going to affect you in the short, medium and long term
  • Get insight into the leading companies making advancements with these technologies.

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