IREM Government Affairs Training Manual

Former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O’Neill famously said “All politics is local,” and as an IREM chapter legislative contact, you have the most critical position in all of IREM’s Government Affairs efforts. The local level is where members will most directly and immediately feel the impact of policy decisions, both positive and negative. Consequently, it is also where we can most effectively communicate, advocate, and build relationships with policy-makers.
As an IREM chapter legislative contact, you have two objectives:

  • To  provide members with relevant, updated, and comprehensive information on state and local policy issues, and how they will impact members
  • To effectively build relationships and IREM brand recognition with legislators and officials, with the goal of leveraging these to influence policies favorable to the real estate management industry

The first step towards engaging members in public policy issues is the formation of a chapter legislative committee. Through this medium, members can stay abreast of state and local issues, share ideas and viewpoints, and formulate a legislative strategy..
More information regarding your role as Chapter Legislative Chair can be found in the IREM Government Affairs Training Manual. .
The IREM Government Affairs Training Manual will assist you in completing these objectives. This manual will equip you with the information necessary to develop a legislative presence, and to teach members how to effectively influence policy makers..
Engagement is the driving force of advocacy, and with information, motivation, then effort you can make a positive difference for our industry!

    For more tools and resources, please see the Chapter legislative resources page.

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