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2016 IREM Profile and Compensation Studies

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2016 Profile and Compensation Studies

Do professionals who have earned an IREM credential earn a higher compensation package? Yes, they do. See just how much in the 2016 editions of the Profile and Compensation Studies. You’ll find detailed analysis of the characteristics of our members and their companies, and see how a number of variables affect salary levels and the total compensation packages.

Compensation, Benefits, and Trends

What does earning a designation mean for property managers? Higher compensation? Bigger bonuses? What trends are property managers seeing over time in terms of compensation, commission, and benefits? Our Profile and Compensation Studies can answer those questions, with extensive analysis and cross-tabulation to demonstrate how a number of variables factor into a property manager’s compensation.

CPM Growth Medium Compensation ARM Salary Factors

The Characteristics of ARM, CPM, and CPM Candidate Members

If you are hiring a property manager or promoting yourself as a credentialed member, you need to know: what are the characteristics of those who hold these credentials? The ARM and CPM profiles provide detailed breakdowns on the profiles of our credentialed members, covering statistics like:

  • Age
  • Years of experience
  • Position in company
  • Portfolio size
  • Race, gender, and ethnicity

You’ll also learn about the organizations that hire CPM and ARM Members, including the size, reach, and types of organizations.

ARM Age CPM Education Background


New in 2016: Responses from IREM Members in Canada

The CPM Edition of the 2016 Profile and Compensation Study now includes ten pages of detailed characteristics and compensation data from CPM and CPM Candidate Members in Canada.

Canadian CPM


Available Now in Digital Format

Whether you are an employer looking to ensure your salaries are competitive, or are a credentialed IREM member evaluating your own compensation and benefits to see where you fit in the marketplace, the IREM Profile and Compensation Studies have the data you need.




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