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Resources related to the IREM Code of Professional Ethics, including ethical behavior by real estate managers, and rules of conduct and professionalism in the property management industry.

Finance & Asset Management
Resources on investment real estate, financing and valuation, loan calculation, midstream analysis, taxation, and budgeting.

Human Resources
Resources on recruiting and retaining talent, diversity, organizational culture, employment laws, and staff relations.

Resources on leadership skills and development, including decision-making, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.

Resources on tenant retention, the leasing process, lease deal trends, tenant qualification, leasing strategies and essentials, and renewals.

Resources on building systems and mechanicals, selecting contractors, routine and preventive maintenance, and property inspections.

Managing the Management Company
Resources on business development, running and managing a company, leadership, selecting service providers, and attracting talent.

Marketing & Communications
Resources on marketing strategies, reputation management, marketing analytics, campaign development, press releases, advertising, and demographics.

Public Policy & Advocacy
Resources on public advocacy positions, and federal, state and local laws and regulations, fair housing, and legislative issues affecting your business.

Risk Management
Resources on emergency and disaster preparedness, risk planning and analysis, health and safety, and insurance coverage.

Resources on environmentally responsible and resource-efficient practices in the operation, maintenance, and renovation of properties, including energy efficiency & water conservation; environmental quality; and waste management and recycling.

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) is dedicated to supporting real estate management strategies that advance an environmentally sustainable and economically prosperous future

Resources on smartphone apps, social media, property management software, mobile computing, reputation management, cloud computing, and system implementation for real estate managers.

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