6 Ways to Prepare for and Recover from Natural Disasters

6 Ways to Prepare for and Recover from Natural Disasters Property Management Insider (08/29/17) Chimal, Ashley; Mendes, Leah

Hurricane Harvey and its remnants slammed the South Texas and Louisiana coast this past week, flooding towns and cities with trillions of gallons of water and causing damage to apartment communities, commercial buildings, homes, and more. As th region and the country prepare for the recovery process, many will be tasked with making property decisions. The article's author rounded several past Property Management Insider articles for apartment residents, multifamily housing investors, and apartment community owners as they recover from the storm.

One past feature, titled "Managing Storm Water in Multifamily," offered a new way of thinking about stormwater drainage and multifamily landscape design. A second piece, titled "Disaster Recovery Guide for Multifamily Communities," provided several steps owners and operators can take to help their complexes before, during, and after disaster strikes. "Top 5 Apartment Roofing Tips to Protect Your Properties" is self-explanatory, as is "Six Tips to Financially Prepare for a Hurricane." A fifth article, titled, "Prepare Your Properties for Hurricane Season" provided even more straight-forward, actionable steps building owners and managers can take to prepare for future hurricanes.

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