85 Percent of Office Professionals Surveyed Consider Flexible Workplace Design Important

85 Percent of Office Professionals Surveyed Consider Flexible Workplace Design Important Buildings (09/12/17)

The way an office space is constructed is as big a factor as the work actually performed in the building. The physical spaces and the workplace design are growing necessities for an expanding Millennial workforce who place a high emphasis on the ability to collaborate in social spaces. Building managers play a major role in fostering a healthy and productive environment for the next generation of employees by providing a workplace that helps them thrive. Work Environment Survey from Capitol One takes heed from office professionals in five major U.S. metropolitan areas across the U.S. The article lists the most important office design preferences chronicled in the survey. Number one, "design catalyzes creativity." More than 80 percent of office employees polled think businesses do not care about innovation unless their workplace environment is also innovative. Two, local culture has gone largely missing. In fact, nearly 70 percent of respondents think local culture is not of emphasis in their company's workplace design.

Three, adapt or die. Of the office professionals polled, 85 percent consider flexible workplace design important, and 82% work to their highest level when they are working in flexible space options. Interestingly, the most coveted design elements by those surveyed included natural light (62 percent), artwork and creative imagery (44 percent), and easily reconfigurable furniture and spaces (43 percent). Some other amenities were listed as "more needed than desks and chairs." They range from a mothers' nursing room (76 percent) to environmentally friendly programs (70 percent). Finally, when members of Generation Y consider taking a new job, 71 percent believe that workplace design and environment is just as or more important than office location.

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