Amazon Opens Bidding to Cities for $5 Billion 'HQ2'

Amazon Opens Bidding to Cities for $5 Billion 'HQ2', a Second Headquarters Reuters (09/07/17) Bose, Nandita; Randall, David Inc. late last week announced plans to build a $5 billion second headquarters in North America. The announcement kicks off a competition between cities and states to offer incentives that could bring as many as 50,000 new jobs. The world's biggest e-commerce company intends to create "HQ2," which would be the "full equal" of its Seattle main office. The company is looking for a metropolitan area of more than one million people with an international airport and good mass transit. Cities and states immediately began saying they would bid, including Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, and Kentucky. Companies with two or more headquarters are rare, and distance could challenge the management abilities of Amazon's top leaders. It would also make it easier for the conglomerate to break up down the line.

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