Healthy and Secure

Healthy and Secure Security Management (07/17) Gilbert Stowell, Holly

Drugstore chain Walgreens has more than 8,000 locations across the United States and approximately 247,000 employees. The company's security team strives to respond to any incident that requires attention in a timely manner, whether it be a robbery or a door alarm. Through its access control platform, the company can set an expiration date for temporary badges for vendors, consultants, and contractors who need access for only a certain amount of time. Walgreens has a handful of high-security locations, such as data centers, which require two-factor authentication. The employees with access to these areas must present their card to the reader, and place their fingerprint on a biometric scanner.

The company has also deployed anti-passback measures, which means the worker must badge in and badge out of the high-security location to prevent the badge from being shared. "If you leave without badging out, it will prevent you from badging back in, because the system thinks you're still in there," said Hal Friend, director of physical security and fire prevention for Walgreens. "It helps enforce compliance in high-value areas, so that we have exact record keeping on who was where, when." When a burglar alarm goes off at any of the store locations, security specialists use high definition video to go back and view the video associated with the alarm. If they can confirm that an intruder set off the alert, they call the police.

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