Houston Apartment Association: Apartment Pools Can Be Hazardous

Houston Apartment Association: Apartment Pools Can Be Hazardous Houston Chronicle (08/04/17)

Apartment owners and operators take great pride in their swimming pools. For residents, it's often the most visible amenity. And it's how management leases available units -- by offering prospective residents visuals of relaxing at the pool on a hot summer's day. Apartment pools, though, can also be a hazard especially for small children. The Houston Apartment Association details several residents must be urged to keep in mind when living at a multifamily housing property with a swimming pool. First and foremost, there are likely no lifeguards. An apartment property is not the YMCA. Ideally, small kids should be within an arm's reach of a grown-up when in the pool. Two, no diving signs are real warnings. Most apartment pools are not built for diving, and many insurance firms no longer sign off on diving boards.

Three, most states require apartment communities to provide certain safety equipment such as a shepherd's crook, a ring buoy with a throwing rope, and an emergency phone. If any of these things are missing, management should be contacted immediately. Four, gates and fences. The Houston Apartment Association notes that every apartment pool in Texas has to be surrounded by a fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Other states have likely followed suit. Finally, there is the matter of safety and sanitation. Pools are not for pets. Also, residents should be mandated not to bring glass containers, as they might break and cause injury.

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