How To Prepare Your Elevator For Harsh Summer Weather

How To Prepare Your Elevator For Harsh Summer Weather Facility Executive (08/02/17)

Schindler Elevator Corp. offers several tips for building managers and facility operators on how to protect their elevator equipment and occupants before, during, and after a storm. During the summer months when weather can be potentially hazardous, it is particularly important that property management takes proper precautions to help prevent elevator damage and safeguard occupants. For one, a diagram showing the location of your elevators, car numbers, and the elevator car phone number should be in your designated security area. Additionally, management should have the elevator company's emergency phone number available along with any required numerical designations. Prior to any inclement weather happens, building and facility managers should inspect the elevator machine room's ventilation openings, doors, and windows for possible rain leakage. If water leakage is found during the inspection, prevent water from reaching electrical panels by installing metal splash guards around ventilation openings and weather stripping around any machine room doors that open to the building's exterior.

If a storm is close, there are several steps that should be taken to prevent damage to elevator equipment. The first is to close all vents and openings at the top of the hoistway. This will prevent water from entering the elevator shaft. Second, barricade the machine room. In addition, make sure that no occupants are left in buildings that are reliant on elevators for egress. "If buildings have elevators that are enclosed, managers should run each car to the center of the building, or to the top floor for two-story buildings," urges Bryan Budnik, Director of Customer Excellence & Repair at Schindler. "Elevators exposed to the outdoors should always be run to the floor below the top." In case there is a need to exit passengers quickly, building managers and their staff should also familiarize themselves with their equipment's emergency systems. Finally, during the storm, refrain from using an elevator at all due to the water or wind-driven water that can disable elevators and result in dangerous passenger entrapments.

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