Optimize Your Watering Practices by Addressing These Areas

Optimize Your Watering Practices by Addressing These Areas Buildings (06/28/17) Feit, Justin

Facility managers can make sure a property's irrigation is running efficiently with these four considerations. Number one is "proper maintenance and oversight." Quite possibly the most important mistake property managers are making with their irrigation systems is overlooking maintenance duties. Such systems require careful oversight in order to ensure proper operation. If that is neglected, it can lead to a massive waste of water. Periodic checks by management staffers are strongly recommended. Number two is "overhead versus drip." The type of system an income-generating property incorporates is important to the specific area that you hope to water. Drip systems provide a steadier flow of water that goes directly into the soil. , while overhead systems are the more traditional sprinklers that spray water above the targeted plants. The latter systems require less maintenance.

The third consideration is irrigation control and scheduling. The schedule your irrigation is set at is indeed vital to controlling water usage. Conseqequently, specifying your system's operation over time will have a big impact on conservation efforts. On a more micro level, the article's author writes, "it is common for irrigation systems to run on a set timer." Smart controllers have increased in popularity, they do come with their own drawbacks. Most notably, they require personnel to be on board with their operation. The fourth and final consideration for reducing irrigation water costs is focused on the spaces you are watering. Using the right plants and landscaping strategies can significantly slash costs.

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