Seven Tips to Help Multifamily Residents Have a Successful Move

Seven Tips to Help Multifamily Residents Have a Successful Move Property Management Insider (06/20/17) Blackwell, Tim

Peak leasing season is now going on in the apartment sector, bringing a flurry of activity at multifamily housing communities nationwide. Typically, weekends are prime time for moving out and in, and the process can draw out over a couple of days and into the night when property management staff is not at full strength. Accidents can happen, belongings can go missing, and tempers can flare. The article's author provides a list of tips to help apartment residents have a successful move, starting with "keep valuables out of sight." This includes not writing the contents on moving boxes. Tip two, keep an inventory checklist as some renters cam have a lot of stuff. Three, if possible, avoid propping doors open. Open doors are an invitation for unwanted guests to walk in and take a look at what you have.

Tip four, be sure to lock vehicles. "The easiest targets for theft are the belongings in a car or truck," the author writes. A fifth tip is to not leave any boxes and/or furniture unattended outside or in the hallways of the apartment community. Six, "know your surroundings." Prior to move-in or move-out, residents should walk around the area of the apartment and see just what is happening, particularly keeping an eye out for suspicious people or those nearby who could be watching you move. Finally, check your apartment for working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

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