Smart Home Services Are Expanding Into Entire Apartment Complexes

Smart Home Services Are Expanding Into Entire Apartment Complexes Curbed National (06/26/17) Zie, Jenny

More and more companies are exploring bringing smart home systems into entire apartment communities instead of just single-family houses. While turning a rental unit into a smart residence is doable for resourceful and tech-savvy apartment residents, these new services will enable apartment owners and operators themselves to control hundreds of smart devices in a community at once. One such firm expanding into this niche is Vivint, a smart home provider that also makes its own devices like smart locks and security cameras. Its latest service, dubbed Smart Properties, allows apartment managers to design their own smart home system, which the company will then install on site. Utilizing an interactive central dashboard, property management can take care of resident service requests, as well as provide keyless entry for staff contractors for unoccupied units and monitor smart thermostats for efficient energy use.

A similar service dubbed SmartProperty is on the verge of launching from property management software provider Entrata. It will essentially offer all the same functionalities, but with the benefit of already having approximately 3.5 million apartment units in more than 20,000 properties on board. This means that operators who already use Entrata's software for managing payments, leases, and accounting can just opt to enroll in the new smart home offering. Entrata will come and install a central hub that enables its software to talk to the breadth of smart devices available. Both services were announced at the recent National Apartment Association Education Conference in Atlanta.

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