Tech App Enables Arkansas Property Manager to Save 'Several Hours Each Day'

Tech App Enables Arkansas Property Manager to Save 'Several Hours Each Day' Multifamily Executive (08/23/17) Goodman, Jennifer

As in many large apartment communities, staff at the Bowman Pointe apartment complex in Little Rock, Ark., oversees a lot of high-tech equipment across multiple buildings and several acres of land. These include 20 television sets, 30 zones of audio, 10 climate zones, and more than 40 lighting dimmers. Controlling all of these devices could take hours. Thanks to a new technology system, though, property management staffers have one-click control over each task. The new Elan Entertainment & Control system installed by Sound Concepts enables community director Shelley Ellis and her colleagues to scroll through an app and double-check that everything turns on and off properly. Through the app, staffers can control the electronics in every on-site public space, including the indoor and outdoor TVs, security with more than 75 surveillance cameras, lighting, irrigation, and so forth. To make changes, residents simply call the concierge, and a staffer can either enact the requested changes remotely or visit the resident if more direct assistance is required.

Management can easily set different levels of access for staff members, too. Operated by Richardson Properties, Bowman Pointe features Arkansas' biggest privately owned pool, including surrounding cabanas, fire pits, and a clubhouse. Other on-site amenities range from a 24-hour fitness facility and 16-seat movie theater to a poker lounge with casino-style tables and wine cellar. "Bowman Pointe is a resort-style community," Ellis remarks. "At a resort, the guests are pampered and expect only the best and most helpful service from resort staff. That's how we operate here, and technology is a big reason we can be so efficient and offer these services and amenities for reasonably priced apartments." Efficiency is another major advantage of the system. There are no thermostats anywhere on Bowman Pointe's property, as temperature is monitored by sensors throughout the buildings and controlled through the app. Not only are there pre-programmed schedules that automatically adjust lights, climate controls, and more, but pre-programmed "scenes" make it possible for staff to make rapid changes on a large scale.

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