Trusted IDs keep 'smart' buildings secure for the connected workplace

Trusted IDs Keep 'Smart' Buildings Secure for the Connected Workplace SC Magazine (UK) (06/20/17) Correa, Danielle

IFSEC Global has surveyed hundreds of security professionals, facility managers, and building owners and operators from 54 countries on trends in smart buildings. With sponsorship from HID Global, IFSEC Global focused on how access control infrastructure combined with trusted IDs can connect disparate systems in smart buildings for enhanced monitoring and a better user experience. According to the research, 85 percent of respondents are aware that identities can be connected across multiple systems and devices. More than 60 percent believe that having everything on one ID card or mobile device will provide operational efficiencies.

In addition, more than half have already connected their building systems to access control applications. Converging systems can even be a factor in the decision to upgrade the access control infrastructure. Top upgrades for access control include enhanced security (65 percent), multi-factor authentication (46 percent) and multiple ID form factors, such as mobile devices and cards (41 percent). Two-thirds of respondents believe IT and facilities/security management teams need to work together more closely when buying, installing, and using new technologies.

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