CPM Profile and Compensation Study

When we say you can go anywhere you want with an IREM certification, we mean it.
And we have the data to prove it.

Compensation, Benefits, and Trends

CPM Compensation,  Benefits, and Trends

What does earning a designation mean for property managers? What trends are property managers seeing over time in terms of compensation, commission, and benefits? Our Profile and Compensation Study answers those questions.

The Characteristics of CPM and CPM Candidate Members
Characteristics of ARM, CPM, and CPM Candidate Members

What are the characteristics of those who hold the CPM designation? The CPM profile provides detailed breakdowns on the profiles of our credentialed members, covering statistics like:

      • Age
      • Years of experience
      • Position in company
      • Portfolio size
      • Race, gender, and ethnicity

You’ll also learn about the organizations that hire CPM members, including the size, reach, and types of organizations.

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