The Talent Trade: Identifying and Bringing in New Top Talent

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11 am PT / 12 pm MT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET
*approximate length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Presenter: David Sayers - Senior Director of Talent Development at Cortland

Struggling how to attract top talent to your organization? Looking for ways to onboard, develop, and retain the talent you have? If anything, today’s workforce brings new knowledge, skills, and mindsets to adjust to the new ways of business transformation. Managers and leaders are urged to double down on their upskilling abilities to build a stronger bench strength and prepare for future growth.  Join us for this one-hour jam packed session as we break down the functionality of an integrated talent ecosystem that focuses on attracting employees, orienting them to their role, and developing them for future growth. 

Learning Objectives:

  • What is a Talent Ecosystem and tools you can use to build your system.
  • Identifying a great onboarding experience for your organization
  • Developing and retaining your top talent to for organizational health

David Sayers is the Senior Director of Talent Development at Cortland, a residential property development and management firm located in Atlanta, GA. As an international firm, Cortland owns, develops, and manages multifamily apartment communities across the United States and England. In David’s role, he leads a team of highly effective leaders, facilitators, and instructional designers to provide unique learning moments for all associates, especially the Community teams. During a career that spans almost two decades, David has been a noteworthy leader in the residential real estate industry by establishing best-in-class training for all facets of property management and associate development for multiple property management brands, most notably – Aimco and Cortland.

In addition, Dave manages the Change Management program at Cortland, where new initiatives and onsite implementation are critical for the organization’s success.

David participates in many facets of property management and is looked up as an influential leader in the property management and learning space.  In addition, David has held multiple keynote events for various clients, speaking upon leadership, customer experience, and talent development.  This includes hosting sessions for IREM Georgia, The University of Georgia RPM Advisory Board, and even an IREM podcast!

As a member of IREM since 2018, Dave serves diligently each year and is a co-chair of the Program Committee for 2022-23 Dave also serves as the Education Chair for the University of Georgia Residential Property Management Advisory Board.

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