Writing a Management Plan

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11 am PT / 12 pm MT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET
*approximate length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Presenter: Kathy M. Whitman – CPM® Emeritus

Having trouble with a plan to present to the owner(s) regarding real estate issues? Need some direction with those correction ideas? This session introduces a management plan with presentation guidance

If you have chosen to write a plan rather than attend the MPSA for your CPM certification, this session will help educate and answer questions to determine if that is the route you want to take. 

The Management Plan is a business plan applied to real estate.  It is the most comprehensive and applicable tool available to demonstrate your ability to apply property management and asset management principles/techniques to improve property performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Components of a Management Plan
  • Analysis of the property in its “as is” condition
  • Analysis of the market and property response
  • Presentation of alternative solutions
  • Financial analysis of alternatives
  • Making a recommendation

Kathy Whitman Ms. Whitman has been an MPSA instructor and grader of management plans since 2005.  She revised the IREM Management Plan Handbook in 2017 but discovered there was still something missing in the presentation by students.  She prepared a management plan for an existing property as an example to contribute to student materials and participated in the Writing a Management Plan course designed to educate those wishing to present an actual Management Plan.

Her property management career spans all types of real estate, specializing in renovations, repositioning in the marketplace, re-tenanting, and stabilization.   This includes preparation of Management Plans and financial analysis of alternatives at purchase or rehab of underperforming real estate in mid-ownership. 

She was Executive Vice President of a full-service real estate firm in Dallas and has served IREM as Regional Vice President, various committee chairperson, and faculty of FIN402, ASM, and MPSA.

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