2021 REME Awards

2020 Real Estate Management Excellence Awards

2021 Real Estate Management Excellence Awards

The REME Awards are a celebration of the essential work that real estate managers and firms do each and every day – managing through crisis and uncertainty to make a difference in the lives of their tenants and community.

Individuals and companies can share stories of the great things they’ve been able to do, challenges they’ve overcome during the pandemic, how they’ve uplifted each other, and continue to work hard to provide for the tenants, residents, owners, investors they serve.

This year, we’ve added two new award categories, giving you or your firm the opportunity to be recognized for the hard work you’ve done and continue to do.

We see you. Now let others see you!

Previous submitters are also encouraged to submit again this year for a chance to win.

Submissions and nominations are being accepted now through June 25, 2021.

Finalists will be contacted in August. Winners will be announced in person on stage during the 2021 IREM® Global Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 14. You do not need to be present to win.

Finalists and winners will be able to network with other IREM members and industry professionals at the Global Summit.

Finalists are featured in/on:

  • Press releases
  •, social media, emails
  • Local chapter promotion

After the Global Summit, winners are featured in/on:

  • JPM®, Real Estate Management News
  • Press releases
  •, social media, emails
  • Local chapter promotion

Finalists and winners are also given toolkits to promote themselves.

Interested to see who won a REME Award last year? Check out our outstanding 2020 winners.

Questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us at

Corporate Awards

Recognizes real estate management companies for their innovative programs related to technology, customer service, sustainability, or marketing that are transformational for the company as a whole, a team, or a program.

AMO® of the Year

Learn more

IREM Innovator Award

Learn more

IREM Excellence Award – Corporate

Learn more

Individual Awards

Recognizing real estate management practitioners for their contributions to the profession and for their achievements.

ARM® of the Year

Learn more

CPM® of the Year

Learn more

IREM Excellence Award – Individual

Learn more

IREM Foundation Awards

The IREM Foundation recognizes individuals who have elevated the stature of the profession through education, thought leadership, or outstanding contributions to the community. Only IREM members who hold the CPM designation can nominate someone for an IREM Foundation Award. Winners will join an exclusive group of professionals whose dedication and leadership inspire their colleagues and peers.

Loyd D. Hanford Sr. Distinguished
Instructor award

Learn more

Louise L. and Y.T. Lum Award

Learn more

J. Wallace Paletou Award

Learn more

Submit for a Foundation Award

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