Cheryl Gray, CPM, 2020 IREM President

Here are the initiatives that will inspire change, knowledge, and growth for IREM during Cheryl Gray’s term as 2020 IREM President.  

Inspire Change


For real estate managers, change often begins with advancements in technology. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cyber security are shaping the way we work and live, in response to the needs and desires of our owners, tenants, residents, and investors.

IREM will inspire our members to not only embrace these changes, but to stay on the leading edge of technology’s impact on our profession. In addition to offering more education on emerging tech trends, we will continue to work with James Scott, our innovator-in-residence from the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab. Our goal is to help real estate managers navigate the risks and benefits of countless new technologies in real estate.

Climate Change and Sustainability

It’s been estimated that buildings contribute up to 40% of all carbon emissions. Achieving carbon neutrality in the built environment, and even generating excess energy, may sound visionary, but technical advancements are turning vision into reality. IREM’s sustainability initiatives, including the IREM Certified Sustainable Property program, not only have a positive impact on the environment, they also reduce energy costs while increasing property value.


Keeping up with legislative issues that impact our profession is crucial to IREM members.  We’ll head to Washington, D.C. again this year for our Capitol Hill Fly-in, which gives members the chance to directly engage with Members of Congress on issues that affect their districts. Building relationships with legislators positions IREM as the experts in our field, and keeps our members up-to-date on new developments.

Inspire Knowledge

For real estate managers, management companies, students, and academia, IREM is an international educational institute. With the launch of our new website, we’ve created a clear path to gaining the knowledge needed to earn one of IREM’s prestigious certifications. We’re also adding more options for continuous learning by expanding our library of Accelerator on-demand courses. Accelerators help you learn new skills at any time, from anywhere, often in an hour or less.

Programs and Offerings

In response to growing trends, IREM will explore education on managing mixed-use properties to support real estate managers engaged in this sector. We’ll also create new certificate programs for your property management team – because a well-trained staff is critical to your success, and to the success of your portfolio.

Inspire Growth

International Expansion

Over the next year we’ll build on our strong international presence and explore new markets. We’ll introduce the CPM designation, and other IREM education, into markets that are ready to elevate the real estate management profession as an in-demand, value-added service.

Next-Gen Engagement

While the need for real estate management education is growing, real estate managers are challenged by recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce. In 2020, we’re evolving our Next Gen Task force into a standing advisory board to engage and inspire our next gen audience. We’re also extending the Next Gen CPM Leadership Program beyond AMO firms, and we’ll continue working with colleges and universities to offer CPM-preparedness courses and degree-granting programs.

Diversity in CRE

At IREM we believe inclusive environments drive successful outcomes. IREM’s Diversity & Inclusion Succession Initiative, or DISI, advances underrepresented groups in their property management careers through IREM networking and education.

IREM Evolution

With the world of real estate management changing fast, the IREM organization must continue to evolve. We’re assessing our chapter structure to respond to the needs of local markets. We’re reviewing and refining our policies, processes, criteria, and models that underlie our certification and membership offerings. And we’re implementing a leadership development initiative to ensure current and incoming IREM leaders are well-prepared to govern and lead the institute into the future.

Change, knowledge and growth elevate our members and strengthen our industry. How can these 2020 initiatives inspire your journey in real estate management?