2021 IREM President’s message

Real estate managers have long made a difference in the lives of so many, but today, their work has never mattered more. This is a time when our network of professionals around the world are coming together, relying on each other and their IREM education to best serve their employees, tenants, residents, and property owners. Here are the initiatives that will allow us to thrive together during Chip Watts’ term as 2021 IREM President.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected 7% growth in property management jobs through 2028. While the full impact of the pandemic and economic downturn continues to unfold, the projections are solid. And different data sources report different median ages for property managers, but they all indicate substantial opportunity in this rewarding career among the younger generations.

What does this mean for IREM, our members and our profession? It underscores the growing need for property managers, and builds awareness of the value skilled property managers bring to the real estate industry. It’s clear that the IREM experience in learning, networking, and certification can help develop property management professionals around the world.

An IREM education helps property managers achieve their full potential. In addition, IREM members have the advantage of virtually unlimited opportunities to advance their careers through networking, hone their leadership skills by volunteering, and share their expertise through teaching. And to broaden our scope we’re reaching out to those who haven’t explored IREM before – from college students to entry-level real estate managers to seasoned professionals.

Achieving growth requires partnership and resilience.


IREM was born of the National Association of REALTORS’® (NAR) recognition that skilled property managers are necessary to maintain relationships between tenants, residents, owners and investors, improve building operations, and to enhance the value of the properties they manage. Today, there are many organizations that fill each niche of the real estate industry, but IREM is unique in the real estate management community because we serve professionals in all asset classes. While we’re closely tied to NAR, when we join colleagues from across the broad spectrum of real estate, we pave the way to building a future that serves us all.

Nowhere is the old saying about strength in numbers stronger than when we join our coalition partners to advocate for the industry, our residents and tenants, as the more voices advancing a particular issue, the louder our voices become. In the absence of these important affiliations, our legislators and other industry influencers may not understand the full impact of their actions and decisions on the real estate industry – a key driver of the economy.


If we learned anything over the past year, its that we need to remain strong and prepared for any challenge that could arise. IREM’s leadership is here to listen to members, respond to their needs, and explore the future of property management. Our members are under pressure to perform even when the road ahead is uncertain. IREM needs to hear them, be there to support them, remain flexible and adapt to their needs.

We’re not sure what the next year will bring, but we do know we need to be prepared for whatever it holds. To that end, IREM continues to enhance courses, tools, and publications to help members and non-members master core competencies and build new skills. We also plan to fill any gaps in our offering to stay on the forefront of property management, and continue to deliver for those we serve.

The demands on property managers have never been greater. But our network of members, chapters and leaders has never been stronger. And together, we thrive.

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