Yasuto Ute, CPM® - Vice President IREM Japan

Yasuto Ute, CPM, CCIM

Yasuto Ute, CPM®, CCIM
2018-2020 Vice President IREM Japan
New Metropolitan Integrated Management Inc.
Kanagawa, Japan

Yasuto Ute, CPM®, CCIM is the 2018-2020 vice president for IREM (the Institute of Real Estate Management) for Japan, which includes IREM’s three Japan chapters. Ute is president of New Metropolitan Integrated Management Inc., a consulting firm on inheritance strategy and asset and property management.

Ute has been with New Metropolitan Integrated Management since April 2002. Before taking his position with New Metropolitan Integrated Management, he worked for 15 years with a major construction company and is an expert on construction in Japan. He uses his experience to help clients objectively assess their situation and provide them with reliable solutions

Ute received his CPM designation in 2006, and received his CCIM designation in 2012. Ute previously served as president of the IREM Japan chapter from 2015 to 2017 before it was divided into the current three chapters. He has also served as an IREM instructor since 2009 and currently teaches three courses across Japan.

Ute is a member of the IREM East Japan chapter.