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It’s no secret that the rental housing industry deals with a number of myths, misconceptions and misinformation. So we’ve put together a toolkit to help break down the most common misconceptions.

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Push out links to these fun quizzes, infographics, and videos to your personal and professional networks. We’ve even created some language you can use to post with the link!

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Misconceptions toolkit

Myths Quiz

Suggested social copy: Can you tell fact from fiction? Take the quiz to test your rental housing industry knowledge. What surprised you most?

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6 Smart Reasons to Rent

Suggested social copy: Have you always been told that it’s best for your financial future to buy a home? Here are six reasons why it could be smarter to rent.

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Breaking Down $1 of Rent

Suggested social copy: With so much discussion around rent during COVID-19, the rental housing industry dispels commons misconceptions and explains where a $1 of rent really goes.

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How the rental industry helps you toolkit

Before and After

Before & After (Video)

Suggested social copy: This past year, rental housing providers experienced a rapid transformation on their properties & showed their commitment to providing safe, dynamic & healthy places to live today & in the future. #RentalHousingSupport #COVID19

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Engaging Residents

Engaging Residents (Infographic)

Suggested social copy: What’s your property manager’s pandemic superpower? Property managers have jumped in to save the day for their staff & residents throughout #COVID19. #RentalHousingSupport

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Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance (Infographic)

Suggested social copy: Top 3 ways the rental housing industry has been working to keep families in their homes: 1. Advocating for residents by educating legislators, 2. Directing residents to resources, 3. Finding other meaningful ways to help like grants & donations. #RentalHousingSupport #COVID19

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These resources are brought to you as part of the COVID-19 Rental Housing Support Initiative.

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