IREM® celebrates real estate management excellence with 2021 REME Award winners

CHICAGO (Oct. 18, 2021) – The IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) REME (Real Estate Management Excellence) Awards celebrate the individuals and institutions that advance the real estate management profession. Those chosen to receive this honor make extraordinary contributions to their clients and communities every day. This year’s awards were presented on Thursday, October 14 at The Gala during the 2021 IREM Global Summit, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We’re very fortunate for the talent and creativity IREM members demonstrate every day in their professional lives,” says 2021 IREM President Chip Watts, CPM®, CCIM, C2EX, AHWD®. “I was thrilled to share their successes and accomplishments with the REME Awards. This has been a difficult year, and these winners showed us how to achieve and reach goals, even with the challenges we all faced.”

The 2021 REME Awards Winners are:

AMO® of the Year
Physician’s Realty Trust, AMO®

Being in the healthcare business, this is a company that truly understands what it means to be on the front lines of a global pandemic. From the very first reported case of COVID-19 in their markets, they implemented strategies to protect their staff and tenants, and to build strong and supportive relationships with their healthcare partners.

ARM® of the Year
Doris Granger, ARM®, JMG Realty

Doris Granger’s personal philosophy is to always do the right thing, even if no one is looking. Her ethical business practices have secured the trust of her residents and vendors, and has helped her build strong teams – teams that can mentor the next generation of professionals.

CPMs of the Year
Julia Paluka, CPM®, The RMR Group
Lucinda Lilley, CPM®, FBS Property Management, AMO®

The depth of IREM’s membership is reflected in this category, CPM of the Year, and the tough decisions made by our REME Award judges. Two CPMs of the Year were chosen as 2021 REME Award winners – Julia Paluka and Lucinda Lilley.

Julia Paluka has been advancing the real estate management profession by encouraging greater participation in IREM. Her efforts have resulted in 21 new CPM candidates over the past year.

Lucinda Lilley dreams of evolving the real estate management profession to become equally human-centric as well as profit-centric. To get there, she’s been leading her organization with people-driven management concepts that bring out the best in people, resulting in greater revenue generation.

IREM Excellence Award - Corporate
The RMR Group

The RMR Group believes philanthropy is both good citizenship and good business. In fact, their employees are so passionate about giving back that the company officially designated an annual day of service for teams from across the country.

IREM Excellence Award - Individual
Jonathan Tucker, CPM®, Cortland

As a relationship-driven business, Jonathan understands the impact real estate managers have on the lives of so many. That’s why he tells students that if they want to make a difference in our world, they should consider a career in real estate.

IREM Innovator Award
CRC Companies

In 2019, CRC Companies launched CRC[X], an initiative to put the customer experience at the forefront of every product, business strategy, and person-to-person interaction. Now in its third year, they’ve reaped the rewards, as they see its benefits come to life in tangible ways every day.

Additional information on all the 2021 REME winners can be found here.

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